I crapped myself...

Today I was using my laptop on my bed and everything was ok, I had a kinda of stressful day (as stressful as doing nothing can be) it seemed to be winding down but things always can get worse. I was just looking at the screen when all of a sudden my screen dimmed...and my battery showed it was unplugged. I checked the connection and it was plugged in...now I'm sweating
I look around for the bulk of the charger (I guess the surge protector?) and it's under a pile of clothes and boiling hot. So right away I know I freaking fried it...So I'm pissed because I was just talking about how much I loved my electronics to Marlene <3
Well about 30 mins ago I plugged it into the bathroom outlet and it worked! Man I'm so lucky and will never leave a huge pile of clothes on my bed again!....well for awhile :P

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