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So my brother has a friend named Andrew (who we call Kevin) and he is a really cool guy, I'd consider him my friend. The night of 4th of July he spends the night and in the morning I get up to see if my friends are online and he just wakes up out of the blue looks over to me and says "Hey Jason you wanna go to the indoor swap meet with me? I'll get you a Wii game" sooo it's not to far away and it sounds like a good deal so I say "sure". We wait for my brother to get up and we head over there, we get to the game store and he turns to us and says "You guys want a 360?"
Now...I don't know about you but when somebody just plainly asks if you want something like a 360 you don't react right away, but I wasn't sure if he was serious so we said sure. A long story short an hour later after playing DDR and eating a chilicheese dog Kevin, my brother, and I were walking home with a 360 and about 6 games. Probably the last thing you expect getting up after the 4th of July aye? haha

free 360= win
btw thanks for any comments :]

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H said...

flippin sweet. harhar.